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Ceremony/Reception: Yes
Seats: 299
House to get ready in: Yes

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Ceremony: Yes
Seats: 120
House to get ready in: Yes 

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The Story of the Bennett Barn

I want to share a little bit about ourselves and our barn. Our names are Duane and Anita Bennett and we have 2 daughters, 1 married and 1 in college.

In 2012 our eldest daughter Chelsea, called home at Easter and told us that she just got engaged and wanted to come home and get married in the barn that August!  We congratulated her and then just about passed out on the floor.

You see, our barn was not wedding worthy in any way imaginable! It was a tumble down wreck. It was full of old machinery, junk and parts, and quite a bit of raccoon poop. There was no electricity and not even stairs to the upstairs, only a rickety ladder that we climbed once a year to just check on things.  We always climbed it with great trepidation, half expecting a family of raccoons to become violent in our faces as we disturbed their dance party.

We bought our house in almost the same condition as the barn and we had been working on the house for years, with an idea to fix up the barn “sometime in the future”.  Well the future had come and so very quickly! 

We worked every day that spring and summer on the barn and the yard. My husband Duane,  my youngest daughter Sadie, and I started getting the barn cleaned out, dismantling some parts and building other parts. Duane power-washed the entire upstairs of the barn, we built stairs, put a roof on, built a ramp, fixed rotten boards, built doors and windows and put in electricity. 

The result is a vintage, rustic, humongous barn that will fit about 300 people. There is a dance floor section and room for a band. There are Christmas lights everywhere and old mirrors and vintage pictures of wedded couples on the walls. There are big views and high ceilings and lots of yard parking. There are beautiful painted signs and an antique door with chalkboard windows and an inside Smore’s bar and even an old school bell in the rafters to ring at important moments! 

So a funny thing happened! Somebody asked if they could use our barn for their wedding and we couldn’t think of reason to say no. And then another person asked and then another. We have had quite a few weddings since 2012 and each has been so different from the others and they have all been wonderful.  It is our joy and blessing to have this in our own yard.

Another great thing is that we have an old white country church right next door. It holds only 120 people but it is just gorgeous in its rustic simplicity. It also has a very large antique pump organ and bells in the bell tower too. Amazing! And it rents for a very reasonable price. You do not even need to drive to the church; it is a short walk from the barn. 

Also…we have so many places to take pictures….by the silos, by the field, by the outhouse, by the barn, even on the porch, or the inside of the house.

If it is more convenient for you to use the big farmhouse to get ready, that is available too!  We have a "party before the party" going on inside with music, appetizers and refreshments. 

The next thing you can do is come to visit us!  We will give you a tour of everything and we can talk about what exactly would make your day perfect!  E-mail us today for pricing and more information!

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